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Recent Rule Changes:  The Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and Crafts Festival has made several changes to its craft booth rules.  First, we will allow homemade food items (including, but not limited to  jams, jellies, or ciders) that have been prepared in a commercially approved kitchen.  Please submit a copy of your proof of inspection when you turn in your Craft Registration Form.  We do request that food items not be packaged for immediate, onsite consumption.

Second, the Jamboree will consider the addition of vendors who may sell or resell unique, cultural, or regional items, subject to the approval of the majority of the Board.  These booths will be located on a separate street from the handmade arts and crafts.  These booths will not be eligible for the craft awards.

The Jamboree will also have a government related, informational booth section available.

If you have questions about any of the above changes, please feel free to contact us at  or by calling 615-597-8500.  We look forward to working together to improve the quality and variety of unique, handmade artwork and crafts.


Craft Rules

(1) Fee- $125.00

(2) DEADLINE – Only those who pre-register and pay at the previous Jamboree will be assured their booth space back. All others will be placed on a first come, first serve basis.  As long as space is available, applications will be accepted until the event.


(4) Handcrafted Items Only – Items will be juried. Photos are required for items new to the show (not from previous years). One photo of booth and two of craft item.

(5) No store bought items – hats, jewelry, feathers, etc. Embellished items are eligible only if accepted by the jurying committee and attached and attached to handmade items. If there is a question, be prepared to prove that you are the actual crafter.

(6) All articles must be strictly handmade and the work of the exhibitor unless otherwise O.K.’d by the Jamboree Craft Committee. If you arrive with an article other than or different from that which has been approved, you will be asked to put said item away, move to another location, or asked to leave the show altogether. If you have falsified your application and have entered items that are not handmade as being so, you will be asked to leave.

(7) No Food Allowed for resale or display. No canned goods accepted of any kind. No food samples are allowed.

(8) Displays on wheels or vehicles not allowed.

(9) Space 12 ft. X 12 ft. NO EXCEPTIONS! Spaces may not be extended into fire lanes, cross throughs or electrical spaces. Booths do not include open spaces, so do not design your booth for an open space. Open spaces are not guaranteed to stay in the same location each year and can be moved at the discretion of the Jamboree Committee. CRAFTS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY MUST BE CONTAINED INSIDE ALLOTTED SPACE. If your neighbor does not show up, do not use the empty space for your items or personal property.

(10) You may NOT move from your designated space for any reason without permission from the Jamboree Office. “NO EXCEPTIONS”

(11) No stakes, nails, screws, or canopy guy lines allowed. Do not set up booths on sidewalks.

(12) Fire lane 10 ft. away from building.

(13) Bring at least 200 ft. of outside utility extension cord, 3 prong grounded plug.

(14) Crafters are responsible for all cords, tables, leveling material etc.

(15) Cords must be secured by duct tape in traffic areas and walkways.

(16) You are required to post your name and booth number in plain sight.

(17) Keep space neat, attractive and clean from papers and trash.

(18) Set up time: Thursday night after 5:00 PM and Friday morning before 9:00 AM. Booth removal 10:00 PM Saturday night. Anyone who removes booths before stated time will not be invited back.

(19) No vehicles allowed on square until officials feel it is safe to do so. You will know when the barriers are removed from end of streets.

(20) Although we don’t foresee any problems, we reserve the right to make changes as we see fit, within reason. You will be notified of these changes before the show starts Friday. (21) The Jamboree Officials will have the final say.

(22) The town of Smithville and the Jamboree Committee will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or accident that may occur to any person or vehicle. We have taken every precaution to assure your safety and that you have a pleasant experience at the Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree and Craft Festival.

(23) All refund checks not cashed within 90 days will be void.

(24) Bad checks as well as stop payment checks will have a $20.00 service charge and you will not be invited back.

(25) Rudeness will not be tolerated by anyone, including US!

(26) Anyone displaying threatening or abusive behavior will be asked to leave or will be escorted out of the show by police.

(27) All crafters must check in at the registration table at the south end of the courthouse before setting up.

We at the Jamboree try our best to follow the guidelines set up by the Jamboree Board. The above rules are to help your visit to the Jamboree a pleasant one and to help make sure there are no misunderstandings. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. When you sign in at the show you are stating that you understand and agree to obey the above rules. Good luck, we can’t wait to see you at the Jamboree.


1. Bring a 20 inch FAN for comfort.

2. Bring three shop lights that will clamp on your tent so customers may see
your work after dark.

3. Bring two extra light bulbs packed well. It will be difficult to purchase
bulbs if you need replacements.

4. Bring a power strip. You will have only one source of electricity per

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